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Who are Norton Home Loans?

Norton Home Loans is a specialist 1st & 2nd Charge Mortgage Lender. The main focus is specialist residential lending to homeowners for a variety of different reasons. Many of our customers wish to consolidate expensive debt whilst others want to improve their home. Some may have impaired credit normally due to long term sickness, redundancy or a relationship breakdown in the past. Homeowners are able to rebuild their credit history and after a period of time in many cases they will remortgage to a high street lender. Buy to Let and Commercial mortgages are not available.

How do I apply for a Lender Agency?

Intermediaries can register through the Norton Home Loans web site. The registration form is very straightforward as long as you have the following information available:

As soon as you submit your registration document you will receive an automatic response that confirms your application has been submitted correctly and the compliance due diligence process will commence. Should you have any issues when registering please ring the underwriting department on 01709-512513 for assistance.

How long does it take to get a Lender Agency?

Once you have submitted your registration document the Group’s Compliance Department will complete a due diligence exercise on your company and it will check to see you have the relevant permissions to submit business to Norton Home Loans. Normally within 24 hours your Lender Agency will have been approved and a member of the Business Development or Underwriting Team will have contacted you in order to discuss the mortgage products and processing services that are available.

Can I use Norton Home Loans if I am an AR with a Network where you are not on their Lender Panel?

Because Norton Home Loans are a specialist Lender it often appears on mortgage sourcing systems when the case is complex. In many instances the AR has approached their Compliance Department and permission has been granted to use Norton Home Loans for a “one off case”. If permission is granted you will need to register your Company with Norton Home Loans using the icon below.

What Mortgage Products do you offer?

Norton Home Loans is able to offer 1st & 2nd Charge Mortgages on residential properties only. Mortgages are on a capital repayment basis and it offers variable and fixed rates products on terms from 1 to 25 years. To be able to submit mortgage enquiries you must be registered as an Introducer. To register use the icon below.

How do I submit a 1st or 2nd Charge Mortgage enquiry?

To be able to submit mortgage enquiries you must be registered as an Introducer. Once registered you will be able to provide client advice and you can chose to either package the case yourself or use Norton Home Loans bespoke packaging service to manage the case from enquiry until completion. Norton Home Loans will provide an enquiry form that you will need to submit in order to obtain an AIP decision. Once this process is completed an ESIS can be issued and the mortgage and underwriting process can begin. For further information on this process email or ring 01709-441926.

How do you calculate income & expenditure?

Norton Home Loans has an affordability calculator on their web document site and once your Lender Agency has been approved you will have access to the calculator. The packaging department at Norton Home Loans can provide training and guidance if required.

What mortgage loan purposes can be considered?

As long as the loan purpose is not illegal it can be considered. However the typical purposes are:

What is the minimum and maximum loan amount and property loan to value?

The minimum loan amount is £3000 however, due to Covid-19 and the fact that many specialist lenders have now withdrawn from the market Norton Home Loans continue to lend with a temporary reduced maximum loan size and LTV as follows:

Maximum 1st Charge Mortgage Amount £75,000 and LTV 60% to include the lender, broker and any other additional fees added to the mortgage. The exception being “right to buy” purchases, where the fees can be added above 60% LTV.

Maximum 2nd Charge Mortgage Amount (Secured Loans) £75,000 and LTV 60% to include the lender, broker and any other additional fees added to the loan.

Do you offer competitive interest rates?

Because Norton Home Loans is a specialist lender that provides finance to homeowners with impaired credit, who want to get back on track, charge rates are higher than the norm, however our rates are still very competitive when compared with other specialist lenders. Homeowners are able to rebuild their credit history and after a period of time in many cases they will remortgage to a high street lender. Product matrices are available. Please email or BDM’s for Norton Home Loans.

What impaired credit can be considered?

If the homeowner has impaired credit that is more than 12 months old, then this will not affect any application but a plausible reason for the impaired credit may be requested. If, however, the homeowner has either had previous mortgage arrears or is currently in or has been in a DMP or IVA then a plausible explanation is always required by the underwriters.

Lending criteria for CCJ’s & Defaults?

We will consider lending to homeowners that have previously had CCJ’s or defaults and if they are more than 12 months old then then this will not affect any application however, a plausible reason may be required if there has been a number of items. If the CCJ’s or defaults occurred within the last 12 months, whilst a plausible reason for the CCJ’s or defaults will always be required we may still have a plan that will fit the homeowners needs, so please contact us for further details.

Please note on some Near Prime 1st Charge Mortgage Plans there must be no missed unsecured payments or impaired credit in the last 12 months. For further information on these mortgage plans email or ring 01709-441926.

What is the minimum and maximum mortgage terms?

Minimum term is 12 months and the maximum term is 25 years. Mortgages have to be repaid no later than the homeowner reaching 85 years of age.

Do you have interest only products?

No, not at the current time!

What types of property will you lend on?

Norton Home Loans will lend on a variety of properties:

House & Bungalow


What are the most popular unique selling points (USP’s)?

As a specialist lender the USP’s are numerous. For further information email or mobile numbers are 07739-318847 (DB) and 07398-146959 (SG).

What are the early mortgage repayment charges?

The early repayment charges (ERC’s) are dependent on the type of mortgage and in some cases the product:

1st Charge Mortgage ERC’s

Variable product – 1 month’s interest plus a £295 administration fee.

Fixed rate products – 3% of the original amount borrowed ,during the fixed rate period plus a £295 administration fee. After the fixed rate period the ERC’s revert to those detailed above under variable product.

2nd Charge Mortgages ERC’s

Variable and fixed rate products – 2 months interest plus a £295 administration fee.

What mortgage sourcing systems display the products and complex lending criteria of Norton Home Loans?

The most popular are:

Three other sourcing systems display both 1st & 2nd Charge Mortgage Products:

What geographical area in the United Kingdom will you lend to?

We will lend in England (including the Isle of Wight), Wales and Scotland. Some Scottish Islands have lending restrictions but enquiries can be referred for a decision in principle. We do not lend in Northern Ireland, the Isle of Man, the Channel Islands or the Isles of Scilly.

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